General Information & Services

VAGA is most valuable to visual artists and rights holders whose works are frequently reproduced by publishers, museums, advertisers, authors, television and movie producers, product manufacturers, etc. VAGA works closely with our members to ensure that all reproductions are licensed to their satisfaction, appropriate royalties are collected, and accurate bibliographic records are kept.

Rights Clearance & Licensing

When a publisher, museum, television or movie producer, advertiser, author or any type of image user seeks to reproduce a work of art by one of our members, VAGA issues a license document, which details and limits the rights granted, contains clauses protecting the integrity of the licensed work, and ensures payment of a fee commensurate with the nature of the use.

Foreign Rights Clearance & Licensing

A VAGA member’s rights are protected worldwide. When image users are located outside the U.S., VAGA’s network of sister societies acts on our behalf to clear these rights in accordance with the applicable laws in the foreign jurisdiction. These sister organizations also collect fees for Secondary and Collective Rights, which are too difficult, if not impossible, to be collected on an individual basis.

Rights Protection/Infringement

Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for visual artists’ works to be reproduced without permission. VAGA’s collective power creates systems to discourage copyright infringement and, if necessary, VAGA pursues unauthorized uses.



VAGA works to improve artists’ rights through consultation with the U.S. Copyright Office and by lobbying Congress for improved rights legislation.


VAGA is a member of CISAC – The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, which comprises over 200 copyright collectives worldwide representing creators in music, literature, and the visual arts. All members of CISAC are mandated to protect and enhance the rights of creators.


VAGA is a member of CIAGP – The International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic, and Photographic Arts. CIAGP is a subgroup of CISAC, specializing in protecting and increasing the rights of visual artists.

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